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EXPERTS in the field of EATING DISORDERS have come together weekly to offer free support to all of our clients who are struggling with this forced change in their lives and in their treatment. Morningside Chats in the Living Room is a safe space for anyone to join, listen, comment, be present and as anonymous, as you choose.


Each week a different expert in the eating disorder field will engage in casual dialog and offer tips and support. Professionals are sharing their unique perspectives on life, joy, daily struggles, and the rapidly changing environment we all find ourselves in today.

Morningside Chats offers a genuine source of connection and support for both the speakers and participants during this time of isolation. It is a place to connect, share, process, and uncover the silver linings or just hang out.

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Irene Schlagmann


Creator and Host

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Content Manager



Meet Our Team

Gerarda McDougall,


Dakota Bennett, RDN

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Content Director


Content Developer


Head of Production

Agnes Eigo, BS


Dana Levy

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Gabby Applebaum


Morningside Chats

Project Manager

Social Media

Graphics Assistant

Social Media

Graphics Assistant

Former Social Media
Graphics Assistant

Prior Contributors

Emma Philbin, BS


Founding intern

Emma Glynn, BS

Jess Jaeger MS-RD

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Former Newsletter Head of Production

Julia Leask, BA

Vanessa Chiriboga, BA

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Ranjita Suresh