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2021 Newsletters & Book Reviews

Artwork by Yvonne Coomber

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25         How to Give and Receive with Grace
Exploring the important gift of knowing yourself and self-care 

Book review of The Power of Receiving a revolutionary approach to giving yourself the life you want and deserve by Amanda Owen 

Chat Takeaways with Anita Sinicrope Maier

11          Winter is Coming
Practicing Ayurveda and other approaches to combat ED and co-occuring condition SAD in the winter 

Book review of Silence & Solitude Yellowstone’s Winter Wilderness by Tom Murphy forward by Tim Cahill 

Chat Takeaways with Judith Rabinor 


26       Embracing and Surviving Thanksgiving Together
Book review of The One-Minute Gratitude Journal by Brenda Nathan 

Chat Takeaways with Randi Zimmerman 

11         The Ground Beneath Your Feet
Grounding techniques to bring your focus to the present 

Book review of The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben 

Chat Takeaways with host Sondra Kronberg 


28       Ghosts in the Attic... Facing our Fears Together
Exploring the fears of eating disorder recovery  

Book review of Daring Greatly by Brené Brown, Ph.d 

Chat Takeaways with Jessica Aronson and Carolyn Costin

15        Catch Me When I "Fall"
Practices to learn from the past and prevent relapse and tips for parents to help their children foster a healthy relationship with food 

Book review of Falling UP poems and drawings by Shel Silverstein 

Chat Takeaways with Jenny Jared and Randi Zimmerman 


30       Standing on the Shoulders of Others
Remembering the role models and people who positively influenced us 

Book review of Chicken Soup for the Soul Curvy and Confident 101 Stories about Loving Yourself and Your Body by Amy Newmark and supermodel Emma & Natasha Stoynoff 

Chat Takeaways with Ashely Moser

18        Practicing Body Neutrality in a Weight Biased World
Ways to promote body neutrality and body positivity to yourself and others 

Book review of Your Body is not an Apology 

Chat Takeaways with Celisa Flores and Alli Spots-De Lazzer

4         Together We Heal - Post Traumatic- Growth
Tips to coping with trauma and developing post-traumatic growth 

Book review of What Happened to You? Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing by Bruce D. Perry, MD, PhD and Oprah Winfrey 

Chat Takeaways with Betsy Brenner


7         Building a Recovery Team

Identifying the personal and professional support needed to treat ED  

Book review of Stone Soup retold by Heather Forest and illustrator Susan Gaber 

Chat Takeaways with Alli Spots-De Lazzer and Beau-Haim Harang 

JULY 2021

31        The Journaling Journey
Journaling as a tool for self-awareness, the first step towards change 

Book review of The Ritteroo Journal for Eating Disorder Recovery by Lindsey Hall 

Chat Takeaways with Samantha DeCaro and Randi Zimmerman 

24       Together We Are Strong and Brave
Approaches to living courageously and finding inner strength 

Book review of The Woman's Book of Courage by Sue Patton Thoele

Chat Takeaways with Carolyn Costin

17        Movement and Play
The importance of a playful life in adults and dance/movement therapy in treating ED 

Book review of 100 Summer Scenes Coloring Book

Chat Takeaways with Anita Sinicrope Maier 

10.       Are We Experiencing Decision Fatigue?
The challenges of making food choices with anorexia nervosa and ways to combat decision fatigue 

Book review of Recover your Perspective A Guide to Understanding Your Eating Disorder and Creating Recovery Using CBT, DBT, and ACT by Janean Anderson, Ph.D., CEDS

Chat Takeaways with Tammy Beasley

3.         Striving for Indepence Together
The role of others and hope in our journey to recovery 

Book review of goodbye ed, hello me Recover From Your Eating Disorder and Fall in Love with Life by Jenni Schaefer

Chat Takeaways with Randi Zimmerman 

JUNE 2021

26       Welcoming Summer
A guide to having a great summer of self-care while identifying concerns that may cause eating disorders to flare up   

Book review of The paradox of Choice: Why More is Less by Barry Schwartz

Chat Takeaways with Randi Zimmerman

19        The Undeniable Importance of Fathers
Exploring dads’ influence on their children’s identity and ways dads can bolster their children’s body image 

Book review of Father Hunger: Fathers, Daughters, and the Pursuit of Thinness Second Edition by Margo Maine, Ph.D

Chat Takeaways with Sondra Kronberg

12         In Honor of Pride Month
Highlighting eating disorders in the LGBTQIA+ community and queering up the body positivity movement 

Book review of Every So Often a Zebra Has Spots by Lauren Grabois Fischer and illustrator Devin Hunt

Chat Takeaways with Judith Brisman

5          Tell your story
Learning to heal through sharing your story 

Book review of Surviving an Eating Disorder Strategies for Family and Friends FOURTH REVISED EDITION by Michele Siegel, Ph.D., Judith Brismar Ph.D., CEDS & Margot Weinshel, L.C.S.W

Chat Takeaways with Alli Spotts-De Lazzer

MAY 2021

29        We Are All Freedom Fighters
Exploring the forms of freedom we possess and freedoms lost to ED 

Book review of MeaningFULL 23 Life-Changing Stories of Conquering Dieting, Weight, & Body Image Issues by Alli Spotts-De Läzzer

Chat Takeaways with Laura Hill

22        Saying Yes and Saying No in the Pursuit of Recovery
Understanding the origin of shame and free ourselves from them 

Book review of Sick Enough A Guide to the Medical Complications of Eating Disorders  by Jennifer L. Gaudiani MD CEDS FAED

Chat Takeaways with Carolyn Costin

15        Embracing Change Again!
Steps to embracing and achieving change 

Book review of Out of the Maze by Spencer Johnson, MD

Chat Takeaways with Judith Rabinor 

8          Being Your Own Best Mother
Learning to heal through mothering ourselves 

Book review of The Girl in the Red Boots by Judith Ruskay Rabinor, PhD

Chat Takeaways with Beth Harrell

1           Spreading Our Wings: What We Learn From Birds
Applying lessons from birds into our everyday life

Book review of Birds of a Feather by Sita Singh and illustrator Stephanie Fizer Coleman

Chat Takeaways with Joe Kelly

APRIL 2021

24        Storms, Clouds and Surprises - Lessons
Drawing parallels and strength from the weather 

Book review of A Cloud a Day by Gavin Pretor-Pinney

Chat Takeaways with Carolyn Costin 

17         Earth the Treasure We All Have in Common 
In honor of Earth Day, let’s take lessons from nature 

Book review of Forest Bathing by Amos Clifford

Chat Takeaways with Nicole Hawkins

10         Spring Cleaning from the  Outside-In and the Inside-Out
How to spring clean our mental health 

Book review of Haiku Mind by Patricia Donegan

Chat Takeaways with Aaron Flores

3          Spring into New Beginnings
Spring activities to connect with nature and our present self 

Book review of World of Wonders by Aimee Nezhukumatathil and illustrator  Fumi Mini Nakamura

Chat Takeaways with Douglas Bunnell

MARCH 2021

27         Arts & Creativity 
Activities to express your creative self 

Book review of Being You: A Journal by Elena Brower

Chat Takeaways with Karen Samuels

13          By Empowering Women, We Empower All
A spotlight on female role models and why it matters 

Book review of Wonder Women by Sam Maggs and illustrator Sophia Foster-Dimino

Chat Takeaways with Cynthia Bulik

20         Anniversary Specials All Month
Constructive tips to living a positive life 

Book review of The Healing Connection by Jean B 

Chat Takeaways with Karen Samuels

6           Dear Body....
Remembering to love and appreciate what our bodies have done for us 

Book review of Love Notes to My Body by Nicole C. Ayers illustrator Mica Gadhia

Chat Takeaways with Cynthia Bulik


27         Every Body in the Family Has a Seat at the Table
How to communicate and help family members with ED 

Book review of Dads & Daughters How to Inspire, Understand, and Support Your Daughter by Joe Kelly

Chat Takeaways with Margo Maine

20        Every Body Has a Seat at the Table
Decentering the narratives on eating disorders beyond young, white cisgendered women

Book review of Hunger A Memoir of (My) Body by Roxane Gay

Chat Takeaways with Martha Levine

13         TBD: To Be "DETERMINED"
Passage to self-determination, the key to success 

Book review of Chicken Soup for the Soul Laughter Is the Best Medicine by Amy Newmark

Chat Takeaways with Beth McGilley

6           Using Your Anger to Inform, Heal and Grow
A guide on embracing and learning from our anger 

Book review of Anger Wisdom for Cooling the Flames by Thich Nhat Hanh

Chat Takeaways with Adele Lafrance


23        Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones but Words Can Hurt or Heal
Exploring how words affects our state of being 

Book review of One Word That Will Change Your Life by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page

Chat Takeaways with Lauren Muhlheim

16         Gaslighting: How to Know & What to Do
Tips on identifying and responding to being gaslighted in a personal and medical setting 

Book review of Jennifer Gaudiani

Chat Takeaways with No Time Like the Present by Jack Kornfield

9           Self Care is Not Selfish
Essentials of self-care and practices we can apply in our daily lives  

Book review of Eating in the Light of the Moon by Anita Johnston

Chat Takeaways with Anita Johnston

2          Hello 2021 !! 
Processing and wrap up the last year to start a new year 

Book review of 10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in my Head, Reduced Stress without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works - A True Story by Dan Harris 

Chat takeaways with Michael Levine



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